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Control Charting for Laboratories

This course is provides a overview of control charting for laboratories including: statistics, charting, upper & lower control limits, plotting and reaction plans, chart analysis and problem solving use root cause analysis techniques.

Control charting is a graphical technique that allows laboratories to determine the extent of variation in testing results. Control charting allows you to identify absolute exceedances as well as identifying trending. This course is designed to give participants an understanding of how and why control charts are such a powerful tool for tracking and improving quality and process control. 

Once purchased, please download the student manual in the resources section to use during the course.


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Internal Calibration for Laboratories

Learn to competently propagate the uncertainties associated with temperature, volume, and mass from laboratory reference instruments to those instruments used for testing. Establish credible traceability of measurement. Ensure that internal calibration procedures meet competence criteria for the desired levels of uncertainty to be propagated.


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Root Cause Analysis


Root cause analysis is a structured method used to identify the contributing or causal factors that underlie variations in performance that cause non-conformances. Conducting root causes analysis is a critical part of continual improvement in laboratories and is a required activity for laboratories accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. Participants will learn several root cause analysis tools that will allow them to identify and correct the underlying problems.@@@MoreBegin@@@

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